Restoring the gift of human dignity

Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries Perth Inc is a lay-led, independent, privately-funded, not-for-profit charity (ACNC ABN 82 450459698). We operate in Perth, Western Australia, and deliver healing retreats and programs from the Living Scripture Institute in the US, designed by American therapist and counsellor Dr Theresa Burke. These healing programs address both post-abortion grief and abuse trauma resulting from sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual, clerical and other abuse.

Our ministries work directly with vulnerable people who are seeking healing and closure, and who may have complex spiritual injuries. To assist these people with issues of trust and transparency, our ministry has no institutional affiliation with any church or denomination. We work directly with senior staff at the Living Scripture Institute and are accountable to them for the responsible delivery of our programs. As a registered charity, we accept financial donations from any source.

We currently provide two programs:

  • Rachel’s Vineyard – a weekend retreat for post abortion healing
  • Grief to Grace – a five-day program for healing the wounds of abuse

Rachel’s Vineyard

A Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat is a team-led journey of spiritual healing. The weekend residential retreat offers a sanctuary in which to renew, rebuild and redeem broken hearts in a safe, supportive, confidential, and non-judgmental environment.

Since the mid-1990s, Rachel’s Vineyard weekends have helped thousands of men and women to express, release and reconcile the pain of an abortion experience – pain that was sometimes decades old – and to find hope and resolution.

We also welcome grandparents, other family members, and friends who are grieving the loss of a child to abortion. We may also from time to time include women and men with complicated grief after miscarriage.

If you are interested in attending this retreat, or want to be notified about future retreats, please leave a voicemail message or text us on 0490 956 745, or email us at rachelsvineyardperthwa@gmail.com to discuss whether this program is right for you.

There is a small charge to attend the retreat, but please don’t let this be the only thing stopping you. We can be flexible with payment if you are in financial difficulty – contact us and we can go through the options with you.

Previous retreats: Fri 13 – Sun 15 July 2018; Fri 8 – 10 November 2019

Next RV Retreat: tbc

Deadline for registrations: 3 weeks before retreat start date 


Grief to Grace

Grief to Grace is an intensive, spiritually-based program ministering to adults who have suffered from the scourge of abuse, abandonment or neglect. This includes individuals who have been abused physically, sexually, emotionally or spiritually by spouses / partners, clergy, family members, and others. Although the Grief to Grace program comes from a Judeo-Christian point of view, we welcome people of any or no religious practice.

Grief to Grace is best suited to people who are willing and able to work in a group setting. The program is structured, and uses large and small group work combined with somatic healing approaches.

If you were abused by someone in authority in your Church, we share your outrage.  We will invite you to express your anger about what happened to you, because it is a righteous anger and we will witness it.  If your relationship with your Church was damaged by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, our hope is that you will rediscover the authentic face of Christ the Good Shepherd, a fellow victim who suffered as one who was innocent.

If you are interested in attending the program, or want to be notified about future programs, please email us at g2gperthwa@gmail.com to discuss whether this program is right for you.

Next G2G Retreat: Tues 20 October (afternoon ) – Sun 25 October (lunchtime) 2020, Safety Bay

To be added to the waiting list for the 2020 program, please email us. Intake will begin in early 2020.

Grief to Grace offers credentialled staff, specially-trained clergy, trained lay volunteers, and the equivalent of around 35 hours of specialised attention for your trauma, including group therapy. Because of this, there is a charge to attend the program that covers part (but not all) of the cost of delivery. We can be flexible with payment if you are in financial difficulty – contact us and we can go through the options with you.